Reporting - Водопад

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Reporting - Водопад

Post by RazzyL on Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:26 pm

I saw this guy speedhacking right before he ran up and killed me. I did try to run but he moved too fast and got me with pickaxe i didn't stand a chance trying to outrun him. Shortly after about 5 other people in game chat were calling for admins because he was cheating and killing them as well. He also has had a VAC ban 17 days ago.

I am still trying to get a vid of him but i am sure you will receive many complaints about him to support my post. He just keeps circling the map killing people so fast.

His name is "Водопад"

Here is his Steam profile link (i had to shorten it and leave out http because new members are not allowed to post external links):

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