Latest Patch : 24/1/2014

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Latest Patch : 24/1/2014

Post by mintR on Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:53 am

Shared Doors
You can now set a passcode on a door and share it with other people.
Once they’ve entered the passcode they can open and close the door until you change it.
This also works on gates.
In addition, you can set a door to be unlocked so anyone can use it without a passcode.

Grass Improvements
Grass runs twice as fast as it used to
Grass looks way better
Grass shouldn’t flicker on ATI cards anymore (but let us know if it does)
Grass has improved sound effects

Beds & Bags
Sleeping bags now reset the use timers of all your other sleeping bags in a 100m radius. This prevents base “zerging”
Beds were added! – These can only be placed inside a house with a roof and act like the old sleeping bags did

Other changes and fixes
added vsync option
rcon now receives msgid 4 containing all console output
opening boxes no longer resets decay – old things should actually disappear now
added hud indication so you know when you’re voice chatting
fixed exploit where mouse sensitivity reduced weapon sway
added a delay to repairing objects after they have been damaged
metal structures now need metal to repair instead of wood
fixed random headshot sound that would happen when shooting near the top of inanimate objects
camp fire particles are no longer visible at long range (should help with performance)
you can only repair something 5 seconds after it last took damage

Atrium Carceri, the artist who made the initial music we had in the very very early alpha is a pretty cool guy. When we started selling rust we decided to remove his music because we hadn’t worked anything out with him. But recently we talked to him and he decided to make a few tracks inspired by rust as a demo. We’ve put them in game and will listen to the feedback, if you guys like it we will get him to do more! If you’re not a fan of music in games you can always turn it off in the options ( or press pageup )

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